Regional Director, United Religions Initiative, Africa

H.E. Ambassador Mussie Hailu is a peace activist who is working at national, regional and international level in promoting peace, reconciliation, interfaith & inter-cultural harmony, disarmament, world citizenship, building right human relationships, constructive dialogue and building bridges for international cooperation and promoting the teaching of the Golden Rule which says “Treat others the way you want to be treated” as a guiding principle to enhance respect and human dignity. He also actively works against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Africa.

He served as Diplomat and Ambassador at large. He is a founding member of United Religions Initiative (URI) and currently serving as Global envoy of URI, Representative of URI to the African Union and UN office in Africa, Regional Director of URI for Africa. He also service as special advisor of the African Union – Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU-ECOSOCC)

He participated for many years at:

  • UN General Assembly in New York
  • African Union Heads of States Summit
  • Peace, environmental protection, security and counter violent extremism conferences at national, regional and international levels.

Amb. Mussie Hailu travels extensively to most parts of the world addressing the issue of Culture of peace, Reconciliation, Environmental Protection, Right human relationships, Interfaith & inter-religious harmony, dialogue among civilizations, eradication of poverty, the need to practice the Golden Rule and Compassion.

Amb. Mussie Hailu promoted people to people relations between many countries and pioneered positive initiatives in Africa including an interfaith movement in his own country of Ethiopia and in many other African countries. He also took the initiative with the Former President of Ethiopia to establish a Council of Former African Heads of States and Governments for Environmental Protection and Climate Change in Africa.

His initiative includes a “Declaration for Peace” distributed worldwide during the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in 1995. This declaration was intended to encourage people to make a personal commitment to stand for global peace, human rights, environmental & animal protection, cooperation and International Unity.

After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda he worked with the National and Unity Commission of Rwanda on the issue of peace and reconciliation in Rwanda. He introduced Golden Rule Day to the world to foster inter-religious, inter-cultural harmony and to build a culture of peace and constructive dialogue and respect in the world. The Golden Rule Day is now celebrated in many parts of the world and he is also the one who drafted the Golden Rule Proclamation which is endorsed by organizations in over 120 countries.

Audrey Kitagawa

Ambassador Mussie Hailu

Ambassador Mussie Hailu (URI) receives the UNITY EARTH “Keeper of the Flame” Award 


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