September 2020


Over the last few years we have seen the build up on the Road to 2020, with events in many countries around the world promoting unity, harmony and sustainability. Now the time is upon us for the grand finale, the Caravan of Unity Across America. Inviting a vast number of groups and movements to come together, to up stand up visibly for peace and for unity, the Caravan will be a month-long series of events like no other.

The Caravan of Unity is scheduled to being with great ceremony in San Francisco at the historic Grace Cathedral on August 28th, 2020 and wind its way across the United States arriving in New York City on Peace Weekend September 19-21, when many thousands of groups around the world will be celebrating the International Day of Peace. At the same time, a Caravan of Unity Across Europe will be moving from Rumi’s Tomb in Central Turkey via many sacred and historic sites to London on the International Day of Peace.


We are inviting you to play a key role. If you would like to connect to the Caravan of Unity, or to host an event, please complete the form below. Join us in making history as we stand up together for unity and peace.


Caravan of Unity Across American 2020
From Grace Cathedral to NYC

If you have any questions or are having trouble with the form above, please email UNITY EARTH Creative Director Adam Collett…