Caravan of Unity USA


The Caravan of Unity is a groundbreaking tour for peace and unity moving across the USA in September 2020. Starting in the historic Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and culminating in Washington DC, the Caravan will weave its way from West to East, carrying a torch of hope and healing for this time of historic challenges.

Featuring a diverse delegation of local and global peacemakers, indigenous and spiritual leaders, musicians, artists, celebrities, ecological advocates and more, the Caravan will build momentum through a series of events across the country before climaxing in New York City for the first global celebration of Peace Weekend 2020.

This inaugural long weekend event will commemorate the International Day of Peace on September 21st and invite people all over the world to spend the day creating peace in their world, whether that be peace within, peace with others, or peace with Earth. We envision this annual celebration to grow into the largest collective action for peace in human history.

The Caravan will then move to Washington DC for a grand finale gathering, potentially on the National Mall (location tbc). Featuring local and national voices for peace, as well as musicians, speakers, indigenous and spiritual leaders from the UNITY EARTH delegation, the event will be a historic opportunity to turn the tide of division with a powerful display of unity in the nation’s capital.

At the same time, a Caravan of Unity Across Europe will be moving from Rumi’s Tomb in Central Turkey via many sacred and historic sites to London on the International Day of Peace.

Caravan of Unity Across American 2020
From Grace Cathedral to New York City


We are inviting you to play a key role in the Caravan of Unity. If you are interested in co-presenting a Major Event with UNITY EARTH, or hosting your own Local Event, please send us some information via the form below. Join us in making history as we stand together for unity and peace!


If you have any questions please email UNITY EARTH Creative Director Adam Collett: