The Caravan of Unity was a groundbreaking tour for peace and unity moving across the USA in September 2020.

Starting in the historic Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and culminating in Washington DC, the Caravan weaved its way from West to East, carrying a torch of hope and healing for this time of historic challenges.

The Caravan of Unity Across America and Around the World was the fulfilment of a vision that has been held since 2012, when the first U Day Festival happened in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Formally convened at the UN Tillman Chapel in October 2016 the “Road to 2020” led through many sacred sites and events around the world and the Caravan of Unity was the last leg of that long road, climaxing in Peace Weekend 2020 (September 19-21) before completing on the National Mall in Washington DC on September 28, 2020.

While the US Caravan moved from coast to coast, the European Caravan of Unity Europe was hosting events across that continent also culminating in Peace Weekend and the International Day of Peace (September 21). You can see more about the exciting Euro Caravan here https://caravanofunity.eu/

The Caravan Across America was a mixture of “in place” events with social distancing (safety first) supported by virtual broadcasts.

Caravan of Unity Across American 2020
Caravan of Unity Across American 2020
From Grace Cathedral to Washington, DC

Caravan of Unity Across America (Turtle Island)

August 28th, San Francisco

Launch of the Caravan of Unity at Grace Cathedral

September 1st, Los Angeles

Our Moment of Choice Book Launch

Including a message from Michael Beckwith

September 1st, Los Angeles

Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah Presents

Lake Elsinore, CA

September 3rd, Las Vegas, NV

Interfaith Unity Event at Ner Tamid Synagogue

Unity in the Pandemic

September 6th/7th, Colorado

Labor Day Weekend Unity Events

Carbondale, Co


September 6th/7th, Colorado

Labor Day Weekend Unity Events

Boulder, Co


September 9th, Minden, NE

Coming Home to the HeartLand


September 10th, St Louis, Mo

Peace Pole Planting


September 11th, Chicago

UnGUN Chicago and Unity Events


September 11 was also the start of the UP Convergence and the 11 Days of Global Unity

September 17th, Philadelphia

Global Prayer for America


September 19th, New York City

Poetry Slam for Peace


September 20th, Stony Point, NY

Dance of Blessings, First Nations Embassy


September 25-27. VIRTUAL EVENT

One Planet Peace Forum

This virtual event was not on the physical Caravan


September 26, Raleigh, NC

Caravan of UNITY Event


September 29th, National Mall, Washington DC

Culminating & Closing Event