CommUNITY Earth

CommUNITY Earth includes individuals, groups, initiatives and organizations who have a global reach, being leaders in the intersection of science, technology, spirituality, transformative practices and culture.

CommUNITY Earth Facebook Group

If you are a facebook user this is a great place to join the lively conversation and stay connected to all the exciting plans, announcements and updates. Add your voice to the growing global community.

Weekly Connections

Every week we host two weekly community calls to help span the globe. One on Wednesday at 6pm ET (New York time) for the Americas, East Asia and Australia and the other for the Euro-ME-Africa-India time Zone (TBD). These calls are the perfect place to weave into the community and get engaged in World UNITY Week 2021.

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U DAY Festival

U DAY Festival is a World Unity Music Festival which helps to bring people together through community and music.

We currently have festivals planned in Ethiopia (2018), and India (2019). We hope to see you there!

The Road to 2020

The Road to 2020 is our road map for festivals and events over the next four years culminating with a ‘revival’-style bus trip across America and a Music festival in Central Park, NYC.

World Weavers

World Weavers offers immersive spiritual adventures through programs such as Monk for a Month, The Mystic Express, and the Rasta Roots Experience.

There is no better teacher than first-hand experience. World Weavers offers us the opportunity to truly experience and understand our brothers and sisters who structure their lives and worldviews according traditions different than our own.

Sacred Australia

Sacred Australia is collaboratively engaged in finding a spiritual identity that is uniquely Australian.

Currently our efforts are focused on the repatriation of Mungo Man as part of the ‘Return to Country‘ Festival.


Launching in early 2018, the UNITY EARTH Center seeks to bring together the growing Unity Earth Community onto a platform where we can engage in three pillars(knowledge, transformation, and community) of personal development and building our community into a grassroots world movement for spiritual unity.


1GOD.com is our interspiritual publishing platform which explores the idea that there is one universal reality/God which is vastly bigger than any religion or philosophy; -or even all of them combined.

The Interspiritual Network

The Interspiritual Network is our network for reaching out and synergizing with global interfaith, interspiritual, and sacred activism leaders.

Based on over two decades of work with the communities associated with the multi-faith heritage of (Br. Wayne Teasdale), (Fr. Thomas Keating) and others, our core team is in regular contact, and co-creation, with global interfaith leaders.

As well, three of our core team are members of the high impact (Evolutionary Leaders).

Forum 21

Forum 21 Institute is a forum for United Nations-based NGO’s facilitating synergy and co-working on a global level. Particular emphases are Spirituality and Sustainability, Indigenous Peoples and Sacred Sites, and Global Policy Issues affecting the global commons.