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CommUNITY Earth is an ever-expanding network of individuals, groups, initiatives, and organizations that are at the forefront of global efforts to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity and the planet. We all feel and share a deep commitment to fostering sustainability, promoting social justice, and fostering a culture of peace and compassion.

At the core of the CommUNITY Earth is a belief in the power of collaboration and partnership. Members of this network recognize that no single individual or organization can solve the complex challenges facing the world today. Instead, they work together to develop innovative solutions that leverage the latest advances in science, technology, spirituality, and transformative practices.

One of the key strengths of CommUNITY Earth is its global reach. Members of this network span the globe, working in diverse cultures and contexts to advance the common good. Through this broad-based approach, CommUNITY Earth is able to tap into the collective wisdom, resources, and expertise of people from around the world, thereby creating a powerful force for positive change.

This is where spirituality and transformative practices come in. Members of the CommUNITY Earth network are deeply committed to cultivating inner wisdom, compassion, and a sense of interconnectedness that can guide us towards a more sustainable and just future. By integrating these practices into their work, members of this community are able to bring a unique perspective to the challenges facing the world today.

CommUNITY Earth represents a powerful movement of individuals and organizations who are working to create a more sustainable, just, and compassionate world. Through our collective efforts, we are driving transformative change across a range of fields, and inspiring others to join in this vital work.

CommUNITY Earth Facebook Group

If you are a facebook user this is a great place to join the lively conversation and stay connected to all the exciting plans, announcements and updates. Add your voice to the growing global community.

Weekly Connections

Every week we host two weekly community calls to help span the globe. One on Wednesday at 6pm ET (New York time) for the Americas, East Asia and Australia and the other for the Euro-ME-Africa-India time Zone (TBD). These calls are the perfect place to weave into the community and get engaged in UNITY EARTH events

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