Communications & Marketing Questionnaire

Team Unity Earth!

As we begin to finalize the Vision Statement, we also need greater context to unify day-to-day efforts and ensure we deliver on what we all desire.

Below are a series of questions. The goals here are to:

  1. Ensure everyone has a chance to provide feedback that considers and informs every corner of our community
  2. Help us work toward a framework that sets up effective communications, marketing, productization, and operations that ultimately delivers on the Vision Statement

Answers will be compiled and presented back to the larger group for discussion and decisions that move Unity Earth forward. All answers should be filtered through our Vision Statement below. Thank you for your thoughtful time and effort.


Our calling is to weave threads of UNITY within the whole human family and the ecosystems that sustain us. Honoring all traditions and lineages, we are inspired by the collective wisdom of humanity to foster community, connect cultures and cultivate peace. Our events and offerings are designed to enhance personal transformation and facilitate planetary consciousness.


Step 1 of 2

  • This first set of questions will help inform strategy development for UE enterprise and marketing/communications.

  • For example, are we a community of evolved humans serving conscious consumerism, human awakening, etc? Are we a media company? Are we an events organization? Apparel company? All of the above?
  • Consider age groups, spiritual levels, location, how they are informed, where they spend their time, what media do they use, eat, wear, etc. (Ideally we’d have expensive research conducted over the previous two months that informs this. For now, let’s do the best we can to define our archetypes.)
  • eg, FB, websites, email blasts, etc..