28 March 2023, 2:00pm – 10:30pm, PDT.

UNITY EARTH in-person events are back!

Join us at The Rose Room L.A. on March 28th, with a global family of artists, musicians, dancers, conscious leaders, movers and shakers!


The L.A. Convergence is the continuation of a series of UNITY EARTH Convergence events held around the world over the past seven years, in New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Delhi, Jerusalem, Varanasi and Crestone. The Convergence Experience brings together global leaders working at the intersection of science, technology, transformative practices and the arts, and social justice activists working at the grassroots level — a coming together of wisdom and beauty with collective interaction to empower system-wide change..

People are coming from around the world and all over the country to attend the L.A. Convergence. In years to come this is an event that you will tell your friends and family “I was there!”.

Tickets for this extravagant “feast for the senses” are as little as $20, though $40 is recommended. Spaces are LIMITED so reserve yours today !



  • Pato Banton – Grammy nominated reggae legend
  • Lyla June – Indigenous musician, scholar, and community organizer
  • Kristin Hoffmann – Juilliard trained singer-songwriter-musician whose projects range from individual albums to grand symphonic productions
  • Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Ra – Sharing the gift of Universal Spirituality
  • Rootsdawtah Collective – Internationally renowned keyboardist collaborating with legendary artists
  • Bella Gaia – The unprecedented NASA-powered experience illuminating the transformative power of seeing Earth from space
  • “Igniting the Holomovement” Panel – Straight from Sedona Arizona and the historic launch of the Holovmement book and global mission
  • Kaeshi Chai and the PURE Dancers – Focusing on healing and social change through dance and music
  • Pooki Lee and Bob Baker – Inspirational songwriting musical duo
  • Rhiannon Catalyst & Catalyst Culture Labs – Interactive immersive theater and live spatialization
  • Global Spotlights
  • Local Spotlights
  • And much, much more….!

We are truly excited to hold our first in-person event in over three years at the epic Rose Room L.A.!

This will be the first public event post the “Igniting the Holomovement” gathering in Sedona and a precious opportunity to bring so many leaders and grassroots activists together to “seize the day” for massive transformational opportunities.

This not-for-profit event is funded by UNITY EARTH 501c3 in partnership with Purpose Earth. You can pay as little as $20 for the entire 10 hours of the event, however we kindly ask those that can to pay the $40 (recommended) or the $100 option to help support UNITY EARTH and the amazing artists & performers that are making this event possible.

Spaces are limited so reserve your place now –