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Mungo Man

Australia’s ancient history to be taught in schools across the country

THE STORY that changed our nation forever, rewrote the history books and affirmed Australia’s Aboriginal people as the oldest surviving culture on the planet; is now set to dramatically change the learning landscape of primary and secondary students across the county.

On Saturday November 16, the eve of the two-year anniversary of the historical, Return to Country of Mungo Man, a new nationally aligned Australian ancient history curriculum will be launched.

Due to be held at Victoria University, Melbourne City campus, the launch is a part of the landmark, `Visions for Intercultural Education’ Melbourne Convergence event, facilitated by Unity Earth in partnership with Cultural Infusion.

Over five decades in the making, the Mungo Explorer curriculum is based on the life work of Professor Jim Bowler, a geologist, climate change scientist and the man responsible for the discoveries of the 42,000 year old remains of both Mungo Lady (1968) and Mungo Man (1974)  in NSW’s south west over 45 years ago.

The Mungo Explorer resource has been completed in consultation with the Willandra World Heritage Traditional Elders, features never before released, scientifically proven facts of our county’s ancient history and is written by one of the country’s most renowned curriculum writers, Jacquie Taylor.

Designed specifically for year four and year seven students, the resource and its significance will be outlined in a presentation by Indigenous Cultural Educator, Noongar Elder, Alan Harris and Cultural Infusion’s Jenny Bowler, with an introduction and further context provided by Professor Jim Bowler.

This resource not only provides in-depth science-based historical facts, it also aims to assist in promoting cultural awareness; allowing students to establish their own understanding and connection to the culture of our nation’s first people and our shared history.

The package enables teachers and students to explore traditional learning techniques and story-telling methods, along with terms of respect such as Uncle, Auntie and Elder. References are also made to the terms dreaming, dreamtime and traditional lore, along with examples that aim to provide and instill a sense of respect for and unity amongst; our brothers and sisters, our country and the creatures that inhabit it.

“We have heard from teachers around the country that they are wanting to teach ancient Aboriginal history but until now, have been lacking in detailed resources and culturally approved content,” says Ms Bowler.

“The Mungo Explorer national curriculum address key historical learning criteria for students. It has been designed to support teachers and enable them to confidently teach their students our nation’s ancient history.

“Where previously teachers have been teaching ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Chinese history, they will now be able to confidently teach Australian ancient history to Australian children.

“Never before have we been able to provide teachers with such an accurate and culturally approved learning resource. This is a real turning point for all Australians,” Bowler said.

The`Visions for Intercultural Education’ Melbourne Convergence’ event will also offer those in attendance a rare opportunity to hear directly from some of the Willandra World Heritage Area’s Tribal Elders; as they reveal their vision of a World Class Cultural Educational facility that finally, provides an appropriate resting place to honour the ancient remains of our country’s oldest known inhabitants.

This event will also feature a presentation on large scale global perspectives by Professor Peter Blaze Corcoran, Senior Research Fellow at Earth Charter, live performances by Grammy nominated international act, Pato Banton and Antoinette Rootsdawtah and is closely supported by the Charter for Compassion Australia and United Religions Initiative (URI).

Entry is free but places are strictly limited.

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*Registration is required and limited to 100 registrations only, all personal microphones are required to be off.

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What: “Visions for Intercultural Education” Melbourne Convergence

Where: Victoria University, Flinders Street Campus, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne City

When: Saturday, November 16, from 2pm to 6pm AEDT

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View the Mungo Explorer curriculum at: https://learn.culturalinfusion.org.au/mungo-explorer/