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All over the world people are Standing For Peace. In communities, regions and nations on every continent, young and old are rising up to meet the challenges of our age, working to replace threads of division with waves of unity.

This is an invitation to everyone across the planet who wishes to make the world a better place, to build a kinder world, a more sustainable world for all future generations.  It is an opportunity to showcase the emerging reality we are all passionate about, shining a light on the many wonderful stories and solutions that are coming through, sharing our challenges and our victories.


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SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2020

The Standing For Peace campaign will pave the road to Peace Weekend 2020, when we the people declare and celebrate the world’s first global public holiday for International Day of Peace.

With major events in New York City and other sites around the world, tens of thousands of international gatherings, as well as an anticipated 100 million+ participants via online platforms, media channels and more, Peace Weekend will be the largest ever collective action for peace in human history.

A Day of Action


This is not just a day off, but an opportunity for all of us to take action – big or small – to create peace in ourselves, our families, communities, regions or nations. And by joining forces around the globe, we have the chance to collectively amplify the impact of our individual actions.

On International Day of Peace 2019 we will launch a year long campaign to enable people on every continent to showcase and collaborate on their peace actions. By the time we reach Peace Weekend 2020 we will have the opportunity to create a wave of peace and unity like never before.


UNITY EARTH is a global network with a mission to catalyze the worldwide movement for unity and peace.

Inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions and born out of the desire to meet global-sized challenges with a global-sized solution, the network is built to amplify the reach and impact of peace-aligned organizations and individuals.

UNITY EARTH places collective values and universal principles at the heart of its initiative, reaching across lines that used to divide by inviting people of all ages, races and beliefs to unite in the quest to make the world a safer and more inclusive place.

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