26th Generation Gaddi-Nashin

Haji Syed Salman Chishty is the 26th Generation Gaddi-Nashin (Hereditary Custodians/Key Holders) through his Chishty family which has been engaged in serving at the globally famed, acknowledged and renowned center of Peace and Unity for the whole of Humanity – THE BLESSED DARGAH AJMER SHARIF SUFI SHRINE of the 11th Century Sufi Grand Master Teacher Hz. KHAWAJA MOINUDEEN HASAN CHISHTY(R.A.), whose blessed Shrine’s keys have been passed on to the present family of Gaddi-Nashins through generation to generation over the last 800 years.

From an early age he has been passionate about the World Sufi Spiritual Traditions with a special focus on the Chishty Sufi Order. After completing his basic education from Ajmer Sharif, he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic and Commerce from Wilson College, University of Mumbai.

Subsequent years have been completely dedicated towards his practical Sufi spiritual research studies on World Sufi Traditions and their impact on the different cultures and traditions of the world and vice versa. His passion and deep longing towards the mystic World of Sufi’s and Spiritual cultures of the world has enabled him to travel across various Sufi destinations globally where he has been regularly invited to speak and participate in International Sufi and Inter Social Conferences on Spirituality, Interfaith Dialogue, top Global University Conferences such as Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University’s annual Student Events, as well as interactive sessions on campus through conducting workshops on Chishty Spiritual Understandings with a special focus on Khidmat e Khalq (Service towards Humanity), Importance of Sufi Musical renderings in Chishty Sufi Order, Sufi Arts, Sufi Poetry, and Sufi Literature.

He has represented the Chishty Sufi Order in countries as diverse as Al Hijaz – Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, United States of America, United Kingdom, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, The Netherlands, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and many more.

He has been constantly engaged in sharing the blessed Sufi teachings of great Sufi Grand Masters; teachers such as Hz.Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty(ra) and Hz.Mevelana Rumi(ra), as well as other great Sufi Spiritual Masters- teachers from last 1400 years through The Islamic Art of Calligraphy, Islamic Architectural Sacred Designs patters, Islamic Monuments Photography, Sufi Poetry Culture and Sufi musical renderings which unite all of Humanity in Oneness towards the feelings of Truth and Divine Reality.

Audrey Kitagawa

Syed Salman Chishty


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