Presented on Day Three of World UNITY Week 2022

Sustainable, global transformation requires a cooperative network stretching out beyond our current silos of interest groups and individual efforts. Inspired by American physicist David Bohm’s use of the term, the Holomovement represents radical collaboration in action, founded in love, with a collective mission to support a global shift in consciousness while honoring the autonomy of each of our callings. This unbounded flow of wholeness is the unifying principle of all nature. Join us in exploring the cosmological, environmental and sociological implications of the Holomovement in action to transform our world.

Panelists: Jude Currivan, Duane Elgin, Masen Ewald
Moderator: Emanuel Kuntzelman

In a World UNITY Week panel discussion moderated by Emanuel Kuntzelman, Jude Currivan, Duane Elgin, and Masen Ewald discussed the concept of the holomovement, and its potential as a unifying worldview for radical collaboration.

The holomovement, as described by physicist David Bohm, is the idea that reality is an undivided whole, in which everything is interconnected and interdependent. According to this view, everything in the universe is constantly in motion and in relation to everything else, and all phenomena arise from this dynamic interplay.

Throughout the panel discussion, the speakers explore the implications of the holomovement for our understanding of the world, and for the way we approach social and environmental challenges. They argue that by embracing this worldview, we can move beyond the narrow, fragmented thinking that has led to so many of our current problems, and instead cultivate a more holistic and collaborative approach to change.

The panelists emphasize the importance of working together across disciplines and sectors, and of recognizing the interdependence of all living systems. They argue that by seeing the world as a complex, interconnected web of relationships, we can develop more effective strategies for addressing issues such as climate change, poverty, and inequality.

Throughout the discussion, the speakers draw on their own experiences and perspectives to offer insights and advice for those looking to embrace the holomovement and pursue radical collaboration. They highlight the importance of cultivating a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world, and of embracing a spirit of humility and openness in our interactions with others.

Overall, this panel discussion offers a powerful and inspiring vision of what is possible when we embrace a more holistic and interconnected worldview. By working together across disciplines and sectors, and by recognizing the fundamental interdependence of all living systems, we can create a more just, sustainable, and thriving world for all.