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World Unity Week 2024

World Unity Week Global Broadcast

UETV is proud to again host the global broadcast stream for World Unity Week 2024. This year’s theme is “Dancing the Dream”.
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Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission

This uniquely inspired online global event is primarily dedicated to hosting the vision of Ervin Laszlo and his powerful call to “Awakening Humanity’s Sacred Mission.”

The international Symposium is a collaboration produced by UNITY EARTH in deep partnership with the Source of Synergy Foundation, Laszlo Institute, The Holomovement, Unify, Light on Light, SINE Network, Humanity’s Team, Good of the Whole and other global organizations.

UETV Originals

UETV Originals

UETV launches with our first series of content curated and produced by UNITY EARTH.
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UETV PW 2023

Peace Week Global Broadcast

UETV hosts the global broadcast of Peace Week 2023.
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UETV WUW 2023 Home

World Unity Week Global Broadcast

UETV hosts the global broadcast of World Unity Week 2023.
Episodes available now!

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World Unity Week

Broadcast Schedule

All times in EDT (New York, USA)

DAY 1: Sat. 15 June

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6:07AM – 7:37AM

One Home Journey: A Planetary Participatory Initiative

This is a joint initiation of UNITY PARKS for unity, peace and harmony with nature and between all cultures. Home for Humanity in partnership with UNITY EARTH, Goi Peace Foundation, May Peace Prevail on Earth International. World Future Council, Holomovement, Ekta Parishad and Jai Jagat International.

Transmitted live from the original UNITY PARK at Home for Humanity France, with co-founders Prof. Alexander Schieffer, Dr. Rama Mani, Dr. P. V. Rajagopal and other renowned Artisans of Peace.

Prof. Alexander Schieffer, Dr. Rama Mani, Dr. P. V. Rajagopal, Rika Saionji Yoshikawa, Laura Rose, Ben Bowler, and Alexandra Wandel

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6:00PM – 8:00PM

Opening Ceremony

Theda Phoenix, Phil Lane Jr, Adriana Alvarez Damian, Patricia Anne Davis, Jon Ramer, Ben Bowler, Becky Suzik, and Kristin Hoffmann

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DAY 2: Sun. 16 June

11:00AM – 1:00PM


As we are dancing towards our devine inspired dreams, our movement’s YIN and Yang energies must find harmony and flow. We call this Coherence.

Join Antoinette Rootsdawtah, musician and peace activist, Kara Stonehouse and Diana Claire Douglas of the Hague Center in conversation about coherence, diversity and conscious witness.

Discussing our dance, our coherent movement. We will touch on some important capacities and patterns we must develop and tend as a movement.

dancing our YIN and Yang energies and talents to a rhythm

being Emergent and Strategic as a collective

cohesion/coherence patterns and the ability to address tensions, and

consciously nurturing diversity

collective decision making processe

value of the conscious witness

We are maturing into a co-creative social body in the greater social organism, so we are developing these capacities together with clarity and compassion.

with Antoinette Rootsdawtah, Kara Stonehouse, and Diana Claire Douglas

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6:00PM – 7:15PM

Together We Rise: Uniting Women Leaders

More than ever Women leaders are being asked to show up to serve their communities. In this changing world, they are also needing the nourishment, inspiration, and clarity to continue to deepen their own healing, and to refine their unique calling.

Together We Rise is a series of new conversations for a new world, uniting women leaders to be nourished in good company and to rise in inspiration, co-creation, and community.

with Aurora Pagonis and Janet Grace Nelson

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DAY 3: Mon. 17 June

11:00AM – 1:00PM

Love Organized: Global Conscious Collaboration and Thriving of our movement

How can our conscious movement collaborate and thrive globally?

Kara Stonehouse will present Love Organized, a 50 year strategic vision emerging out of One World and the Holomovement and Gaia Commons HUB. Kara invites talented pioneers with real projects in transformative governance, economics and technology, to a co-creative Holon where we take time to understand what eachother are working on, prototype holonic governance tools for the collective, and collaborate on major funding proposals.

Felipe Leal will present about Gaia Commons tools for CO3 – Coordination, Collaboration, Communication – What are the agreements and practical tools that help resource us and help us in our distributed decision making and collective fundraising?

Kara Stonehouse, and Felipe Leal

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6:00PM – 8:00PM

Love in Action: Disarming Trauma for a Healed World

An exploration of a personal journey of how YOU emotionally show up personally and how it creates a collective energy in a space. This shared space can cause us to hurt or heal. Our bodies don’t lie, and our minds get to choose. As taught through the Choose Love Movement.
Marty K. Casey, Shannon Desilets, and Scarlett Lewis

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DAY 4: Tues. 18 June

11:00AM – 1:00PM

Youth Voices for Peace

Becky Suzik, Idel Mina, Laurie Marshall, Tatiana Speed, Fumi Johns Stewart, Paty Wanat, Beverly Ogueri, Isaac Alzaghari & More

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6:00PM – 8:00PM

May Peace Prevail: From Japan to the World

Rika Saionji Yoshikawa, Yuka Saionji Matsuura, Ben Bowler, Fumi Johns Stewart, and Kristin Hoffmann

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DAY 5: Wed. 19 June

4:30PM – 5:30PM

Beyond Being Human: Our Multidimensional Relationships

This discussion panel explores the Beyond Being Human project, its spiritual mission and a discussion of our impact study “Building trust and tolerance in our multidimensional world”. The mission of our educational project is to raise awareness of these realms and to increase tolerance and understanding – especially in close relationships… but also in mainstream society. Even though the ridicule and misunderstanding has lessened in recent times due to disclosure.

Our special guests include Rebecca Hardcastle Wright Ph.D. from the Institute of Exoconsciousness – a leading expert in integrating ET contact, Darlene Van de Grift – a gifted medical intuitive and multidimensional mediator, and also a flight crew member of Beyond Being Human, Andena Sanada Kumara. Hosted by Michael Davyd.

with Rebecca Hardcastle Wright Ph.D, Darlene Van de Grift, Andena Sanada Kumara, and Michael Davyd

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6:00PM – 7:30PM

Meeting the Dreaming: For the 50th Anniversary of Mungo Man

Meeting the Dreaming in an inspiration of Prof Jim Bowler, in the 50th year since his discovery of Mungo Man in 1974, in what is now the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. Dr Bowler has called for a year of Dialogue to commemorate the extraordinary revelations of Mungo Man and the earlier discovery of Mungo Lady (1969).

Following two successful events launching the year of dialogue, the first at Lake Mungo itself on February 26th and then at Peninsula Hot Springs in April, this program will continue the conversation for both an Australian and International audience.

Shane Howard, Jenny Bowler, Greg Campbell, and Ben Bowler

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7:30PM – 9:00PM

In Search of the Future: Down Under

Ben Bowler will join Director Andrew Cameron Bailey and Producer Connie Baxter Marlow for a screening of Cameron/Baxter Films, LLC’s Down Under Teaser featuring the wisdom-carriers who offered their insights for the film “IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE II: The Only Way Out is UP!” during Andrew and Connie’s 3-month journey to Australia February – May 2024.

They will discuss the significance of the “Meeting the Dreaming” initiative honoring 42,000 year old Mungo Man and Mungo Lady’s message to humanity which relates to Andrew and Connie’s decades-long work to bring Indigenous cosmology to the Western mind through books, films, forums and photography exhibitions.

Andrew Cameron Bailey, Connie Baxter Marlow, and Ben Bowler

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DAY 6: Thurs. 20 June

6:00PM – 7:00PM

AWAKENING FROM THE DREAM: The Reality of True Unity

In the spirit of the theme, “DANCING THE DREAM” of WORLD UNITY WEEK 2024, a plenary session titled “Awakening from the Dream” featuring Audrey Kitagawa, President and Founder of the International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation, and Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute, will be presented on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 6:00 P.M. EDT.

As we are “Dancing the Dream” of UNITY, Restoration, Healing, and Humanity’s Sacred Mission, we must also understand the depths of the dream state – the illusory world of Maya – and awaken to the Truth of who we are.  Mr. Granoff and Ms. Kitagawa will discuss the spiritual perspective of the dream state and awakening to the Reality of our ever present unity.

Audrey Kitagawa and Jonathan Granoff

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7:15PM – 8:15PM

LIFE Lived Creatively: An Immersive Experience

We invite you into this 60minute SPACE…

With “LIFE IS”

Words by Kenneth G. Mills, Conductor, Artist, Proponent of the Absolute
Sung by Ellen Mann, StarScape Singer

With Rupert… Be deeply touched by the creative Life, the fulfilment that doesn’t need
purpose. investigate the essential nature of your experience and discover the source of The

Creative Life.

With Ron…Let yourself be drawn into the poetic spell that might reveal the creative Life
inside you that doesn’t care whether your mind thinks that you can do it or not or that the

expression is good or bad.

With Yanni… Sit quietly and open to meeting the Creative One that you are. Take the
opportunity to come to “know thyself”. The Creative Life unfolds out from


With Victoria…Take a chance on allowing the spontaneous expression of moving a
Sharpie pen on a piece of paper as you go beyond your mind’s resistance to this effortless,

pointless, meaningless, purposeless happening. Fall in Love!

With Irina… Experience the brief pause, the tiny space between your thoughts. Listen for
the sound your body is begging that you to move, your mind begging you to stay still and

your spirit living a Creative Life.

With Rumi…Musical Video of Rumi’s Poem “I AM WHAT I AM” by Voicepoint Ensemble

with Victoria Friedman, Dr Ron Friedman, Yanni Maniates, and Irina Morrison

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DAY 7: Fri. 21 June

11:00AM – 1:00PM

Living Cities Earth: Sustaining our Planet & Environmental Resilience

This session will be facilitated by Ferial Puren, CEO of Living Cities Earth (LCE). She will be joined by nine of her fellow LCE co-founders for an in-depth and explorative discussion. A thoughtfully curated list of questions will guide the conversation, encouraging the panellists to address some of the greatest environmental challenges we face today and explore potential solutions. The aim of this discussion is to delve into the interconnectedness of societal structures, leadership, and environmental sustainability, fostering dialogue on practical approaches and visionary ideas for creating a resilient and equitable future.
with Ferial Puren, Gien Wong, Arti Ahluwalia, Andy Ferguson, Alexander Laszlo, Bong Vergara, Marina Demchenko, Nate Whitestone, Uri Noy Meir, and Tim Olsson

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6:00PM – 7:00PM

The Olive Trees Speak: Stories and Seeds of Peace

Since Oct 7, 2023 it is the Olive Trees of Earth who have been coming forward to speak about Peace with growing numbers of international Humans. Danielea will share healing stories, insightful messages and songs that have emerged through personal and community encounters with Olive Trees, including the ancient ones living on the island of Aegina, Greece who she recently met during a gathering of Palestinians and Israelis called Uniting in Our Humanity.
with Danielea Castell

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8:00PM – 10:00PM

Sharing The Dreaming: Summer Solstice Song Circle

with Shayla Paradais, Mateo Sandate, and Connie & Andrew of Cameron/Baxter Films

DAY 8: Sat. 22 June

6:00PM – 8:00PM

Continuation Ceremony

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