Artists Catalyzing Evolution: Instruments of Peace

Air Date: 20 September, 2023

Artists Catalyzing Evolution (aka ACE) is a synergy circle of the Evolutionary Leaders, which serves as a spirit-infused seedbed for growing artistry. We come together monthly in a space of openness and mutual vulnerability to support each other’s creativity and service as artists. We are committed to deep listening and heartfelt, soulful sharing. We see The Arts as a powerful and necessary emotion-based vehicle for greater communication, connection and growth on our planet at this important evolutionary moment.

In honor of PEACE WEEK 2023, ACE will be sharing an inspiring hour of creative flow, expressing our nature as Instruments of Peace.

Rev. Rhetta Morgan
Kara Stonehouse
Charles Gibbs
Dr. Ivy Shadiah
Kit Thomas
Kaeshi Chai
Sommer Joy Ramer
Rev. Paulette Pipe
Scott Catamas
Kristin Hoffmann