Awaken Your Inner Harmony: The Dolphin Film Screening, Guided Meditation, and Live Music with Michel Pascal

Air Date: 2 Dec, 2023

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening of inspiration and transformation with Michel Pascal, acclaimed author, spiritual guide, and master of meditation. Join us for a captivating video film screening of “The Dolphin,” a profound exploration of the human spirit and our connection to the natural world.

With the screening, be prepared to embark on a guided meditation journey led by Michel himself. Drawing from his extensive experience working with diverse communities, prisoners, and veterans, Michel has developed the renowned Meditation for Daily Stress method. This approach, designed to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle, empowers individuals with ten simple practices that can be done for even a single minute, allowing you to tap into inner peace and balance from wherever you are.

But that’s not all – Michel will also grace us with his captivating live music performances. His stunning set of music will uplift your spirit, as his melodic voice intertwines with his message of peace, mental health, and the path to discovering your inner self.

With over 20 books on spirituality and a teaching portfolio that includes Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Michel Pascal is a true luminary in the field of meditation and self-discovery. This immersive event is your chance to experience his wisdom firsthand and start your own journey towards inner harmony.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to embark on a transformative evening where film, meditation, and live music converge to ignite your soul and guide you toward a more peaceful and fulfilled life.