Fireside Chat: Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi (Green Sheikh) and Jarvis Smith of My Green Pod

Air Date: 2 Dec, 2023

Join us for a fireside chat featuring Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, also known as the Green Sheikh, and Jarvis Smith from My Green Pod. In this inspiring panel discussion, they will delve into the vital topic of sustainability and the Sheikh’s remarkable journey.

The Sheikh will share his early experiences and the adversities he faced, highlighting how these challenges shaped his commitment to sustainability. Despite the obstacles, he has emerged as a global advocate for positive change.

At the heart of the Green Sheikh’s message is a simple yet powerful idea: to change the world, we must start by changing ourselves. He emphasizes the importance of education, adopting sustainable practices, and cultivating green tendencies in our daily lives.

This fireside chat is an opportunity to gain valuable insights from the Green Sheikh’s experiences and learn how each individual can contribute to a more sustainable future. Join us for an engaging conversation that will leave you inspired and equipped with practical steps to make a meaningful impact.