UETV Originals. UNITY EARTH in Partnership with Dana Tomasino and Gary Malkin Presents: Intimacy with the Infinite

Air Date: 7 January, 2024

This offering is part of the 7 Days of Rest (January 1-7, 2023), an annual, open co-creative event dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants (https://www.7days-of-rest.org/). It is offered on Day 7, whose theme is “Intimacy with the Infinite.” 

A communal gathering with music, meditation, sacred sound, and shared reflection, honoring our eternal connection to the Infinite.
Join us for a guided journey through the realms of time to the portals of Infinity.

Program of Offerings:
Irina Morrison: Welcome and opening presentation
Uncle Angaangaq: Invocation
Ben Bowler: Message
Gary Malkin: Musical Odyssey to the Portals of Infinity
Dana Tomasino: Merging with the Infinite: Heart Coherence Meditation and Sacred Sound Infusion

Together we will take a sacred journey through the Portal of the Heart into a vast, expansive space of Luminous Stillness. Floating in the fullness of the Void of All Potential, we will experience a merging with the Infinite — with Divine Love itself.

Heart Coherence meditation will be followed by a Sacred Sound Infusion to expand and integrate the energies of this experience. Listening with headphones/earbuds is recommended.