Life Lived Creatively: An Immersive Experience

Air Date: 20 June, 2024

We invite you into this 60 minute SPACE… With “LIFE IS”
Words by Kenneth G. Mills, Conductor, Artist, Proponent of the Absolute. Sung by Ellen Mann, StarScape Singer

With Ron… Let yourself be drawn into the poetic spell that might reveal the creative Life inside you that doesn’t care whether your mind thinks that you can do it or not or that the expression is good or bad.

With Yanni… Sit quietly and open to meeting the Creative One that you are. Take the opportunity to come to “know thyself”. The Creative Life unfolds out from Silence…Nothingness…Emptiness

With Victoria… Take a chance on allowing the spontaneous expression of moving a Sharpie pen on a piece of paper as you go beyond your mind’s resistance to this effortless, pointless, meaningless, purposeless happening. Fall in Love!

With Irina… Experience the brief pause, the tiny space between your thoughts. Listen for the sound your body is begging that you to move, your mind begging you to stay still and your spirit living a Creative Life.

With Rumi… Musical Video of Rumi’s Poem “I AM WHAT I AM” by Voicepoint Ensemble