Living Cities Earth: The New Paradigm of Leadership – Leading Each Other Home

Air Date: 20 September, 2023

The world is demanding an overhaul. Technogenic and economic crises, environmental and humanitarian disasters, pandemics and wars…
Where today’s world leaders are taking us? What is a role of leadership nowadays?

Eventually the word “leader” is an old one, traditional leadership is becoming outdated and needs either a new word and/or a new meaning in the direction of people who dare to take initiatives.

On Wednesday, 20 September,  as part of the Peace Week program, LCE co-founders will gather to co-create and search for an evolutionary new meaning of a term ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’

Marina Demchenko (moderator), Marilyn Hamilton, Sue Cooper, Ferial Puren, Eric Kohner, Violeta Bulc, Alexander Laszlo, and Lev Gordon