Plenary: Brand Earth

Air Date: 24 June, 2023

Harry Uvegi, Jon Ramer, and Ben Bowler

We invite you to a session featuring Harry Uvegi, the founder of the visionary initiative, Brand Earth. This exciting session will be an opportunity for you to delve into the core concepts of Brand Earth and understand its transformative vision for commerce and brand perception.

In our current global climate, the necessity for change in our economic practices and societal behaviors is critical. Harry Uvegi is leading the charge with Brand Earth, an initiative committed to respecting nature, protecting our planet, and paving the way for a sustainable future.

During this session, Harry will elaborate on the mission of Brand Earth to transform commerce in a way that funds a just transition to a regenerative earth. It’s a vision that involves a seismic shift in thinking and aims to realign corporations, consumers, advertisers, and nature as symbiotic partners in creating a healthier, more equitable world.