Plenary: Grassroots Empowerment for Global Change by PURPOSE EARTH

Air Date: 18 June, 2023

Join us in celebrating our collective potential for change in a Purpose Earth experience empowering and mobilizing community action with worldwide impact.

In this hour-long event, we’ll engage in dynamic conversation, meditate and celebrate our powerful roles in these extraordinary times of transformation. Meet Purpose Earth changemakers leading innovative grassroots projects and offering inspiration to find and follow our own sense of purpose. Through cross-cultural dialogue and creative visioning, this event will embolden, fuel and further launch us into motion.

Purpose Earth, a global grant and mentorship program and initiative of UNITY EARTH, believes in the power of grassroots activation for sustainable global change. Environmental Restoration, Cultural Collaboration and Community Activation are the three “Purpose Pillars” serving as the framework for Purpose Earth’s mission. Each of us plays a critical role in nurturing and uniting people and the planet in this new way forward. Join us to learn how you can take action in supporting the important work ahead to create a world that works for everyone. Together, we are building momentum for unstoppable, positive change.