Plenary: Happy City: Love, Unity and Peace – To human well… together… in 10,000 cities on Earth

Air Date: 22 June, 2023

By pure chance or perhaps for a reason the World Unity Week is taking place simultaneously with the Global Happy Cities Summit, where leaders of positive change from 100 countries are invited to share stories, create common vision and launch a global movement to create 1000 happy cities for the sake of all life on Earth.

Is your city, your neighborhood, your home a happy place?

Would you like to learn about some success stories, challenges other people have faced as well as to learn about the framework of integral happiness and how you could join the movement to journey to Happy City together?

Meet some of the world-class experts and action leaders who represent the largest integral city development community on our planet – Living Cities Earth – and see for yourself that there is a better future and a clear path to it – that starts from discovering the infinite power we have within ourselves and then through communication and collaboration leads to happy thriving living cities, communities, families and Happy Earth.