Plenary: Peace on Earth by 2030 Opening Ceremony and Frequency Launch

Air Date: 17 June, 2023

Join us for the Peace on Earth Frequency Meditation journey. Each day of World Unity Week David Gershon, creator of the Peace on Earth by 2030 movement and The Game, will lead the community through a one-hour meditation on one the seven frequencies: Empowerment, Oneness, Unity, Cooperation, Abundance, Love and Faith.

These powerful frequency meditations are the spiritual essence of The Game and pathway to Peace on Earth. When they each are activated within, you become elevated into Golden Age consciousness. Through our collective meditation we will build a planetary unitive field priming humanity for peace on earth by 2030.

This first session is discussion about the week-long frequency meditation journey, the Global Online Game, and frequency meditation 1 on Empowerment. The empowerment frequency meditation begins with self, then moves to family, friends, co-workers, community members, humanity and spirit. You will receive a jewel stone in the meditation which is a magical talisman to support you in deepening empowerment in your life and furthering Peace on Earth by 2030. Finally, you’ll spread violet empowerment light across the world increasing the empowerment frequency of humanity.