UETV Season One, Episode 2: BlackSONday Live from Westport Playhouse

Air Date: 13 Aug, 2023

BlackSONday 2023 is an international event that happens on second Sunday of August. This is the 4th Annual event, created by Global Peace Ambassador Dr. Marty K. Casey. This event highlights men’s issues and provides a space for them to have conversations around mental health, trauma, healing, and support.

BlackSONday 2023 features a live panel of Lorenzo Davis, Chester Deanes, Kenan D. Morrison, Joe Weston, Gary Kelly and special guest Selwyn Jones – George Floyd’s uncle. The panel is hosted by Dr. Marty K Casey of UnGUN Institute.

As gun violence across the nation and world continues to rise never has there been a greater collective possibility to awaken and disarm the trauma perpetuating this painful cycle. The time for change is now, but how do we change? Where do we start?

It begins with each of us, right where we are. BlackSONday offers time and resources to learn, listen and reflect on what is ours to do.