Sunray Peace Village Elders and Youth Gathering

Air Date: 20 June, 2023

Recording with Slides and clips with key Sunray Community Members introducing the Cherokee/Tsalagi Peace Village in Lincoln VT–a UN NGO–inviting you to this summer’s July 15 and July 28-31 hybrid Elders and Youth Gatherings!

Included: Founder, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, Chief of the Etowah or “Wild Potato/Ani Gadoahwi” band of the Eastern Tsalagi Nation, 27th Ancestral Lineage Carrier, and Buddhist Khandro Master Dharma Teacher;

Sunray Community Members: Drumming and song with Reverend Meli Kitchens; Moderator: Evolutionary Leader: Brian Russo: Sunray UN NGO Rep Sandra Sheridan re Sunray’s advocacy with global Indigenous at the UN; Host of Youth Peace Celebration July 15 Peace Fest: Margaret Schultz.