Awakening to Humanity’s Sacred Mission: Session Four – Peace Making

Air Date: 10 February, 2024

Co-Hosted by Jon Ramer, and featuring Chief Phil Lane J, Audrey Kitagawa, David Gershon, Antoinette Rootsdawtah, Steve Farell, Jyoti Ma & Luisah Teish and Tezikiah Gabriel.

The first session of Visionary Voices is followed by a deep engagement session with the Community.

This uniquely inspired online global event is primarily dedicated to hosting the vision of Ervin Laszlo and his powerful call to “Awakening Humanity’s Sacred Mission.” The international Symposium is a collaboration sponsored by Purpose Earth, produced by UNITY EARTH in deep partnership with the Source of Synergy Foundation, Laszlo Institute, The Holomovement, One World, Unify, Light on Light, SINE Network, Hubcast Media, Connection Field, Good of the Whole, and other global organizations.

This event stands out due to its unprecedented global collaboration and its core focus on deep engagement. It serves as a worldwide rallying point for Humanity’s Sacred Mission, emphasizing actionable steps and mass mobilization in transformative movements for the greater good.