TheOneWeAre; What Are We?

Air Date: 22 September, 2023

A panel discussion with respect to a new Origin Story, the story we are living, and Our future.

Throughout time, humanity has told stories; stories that teach or soothe our children; stories that lift our hair, scared; stories that shift or lift us from the mundane. What story can lift us from the mundane and scary reality we’re living, into “the more beautiful world we”, as Charles Eisenstein says, “know in our hearts is possible”?

Our panelists offer their own perspectives and wisdom teachings about the purpose of Humanity and the times we are going through. We then consider together what will enable Humanity to rise from our destructive patterns. Games engage some; a new mythology may serve others; what will it take to unite us all? Syntropy suggests that a positive goal (a story with a “happy ending”) has the power to engage our hearts and our bodies and activate the Power that empowers All That Is. What story serves us all, in all our diversity, and thus the Greater One we collectively are?