TIME Square Concert – Paul Sladkus

Air Date: 21 September, 2023

🎶 From the Center of the World to Every Corner of the Globe 🌐

On September 21, 2023, a significant beacon of peace through unity and harmony will shine brightly from the heart of New York City — Times Square.

With the power of music, human connection, and our shared hope for a more peaceful and regenerative future, we are orchestrating a 5-hour LIVE broadcast to touch every soul, every heart, and every corner of our Earth.

The legendary Ringo Starr extends a heartfelt invitation to everyone: at precisely 12 noon EST, let’s all pause, reflect, and share in a global “Moment of Silence for Peace”. A call to action for a World Cease Fire, this shared moment will echo the harmonious desires of billions, transcending borders, languages, and beliefs.


Join us for the 21st Annual International Day of Peace & Ecology 5-Hour LIVE Broadcast to the world in Times Square on September 21, 2023. Ringo Starr virtually requests a Moment of Silence for Peace, World Cease Fire at 12 noon est, and then we have a 5 Hour Concert.

Events will be occurring all over the world on 9/21, starting in New Zealand to Hawaii and here in New York, Times Square, and a Celebrity Concert in the evening at www.thecmt.org , the City of New York participating, as well as the Faith-Based communities.