Opening Ceremony

Air Date: 15 June, 2024

It is with great excitement that we invite you to the opening ceremony of World UNITY Week 2024. Celebrating five years of fostering global unity and peace, this year’s theme, “Dancing the Dream,” invites you to join a worldwide movement towards a harmonious future.

Experience the beginning of an extraordinary eight day week where our interconnected community comes alive through various Convergence Rooms and innovative CoCreation Circles. By integrating Ethical AI with Indigenous Wisdom, these circles enable us to pool and deploy resources effectively, addressing vital themes such as Peace-Building, Partnering with Nature, Embracing Indigenous Wisdom, and many more.

There is something happening… a global movement is awakening, and we want you to be a part of it.

Be part of this momentous opening ceremony and feel the pulse of global unity. Together, we’ll initiate a week of inspiration, engagement, and impactful action, all set to the rhythm of our shared dream for peace and a thriving world.

We eagerly await your presence to kick off World UNITY Week 2024. Let’s begin the dance of unity and regeneration!

Theda Phoenix, Phil Lane Jr, Adriana Alvarez Damian, Patricia Anne Davis, Jon Ramer, Ben Bowler, Becky Suzik, and Kristin Hoffmann