World UNITY Week, June 20-27
“Answering the Call”

The “Global Pause” caused by the pandemic is uniting the world in new ways.Our opportunity to foster a genuine movement towards global unity has never been greater. Join us in the quest to co-create the new story and a more beautiful future for our shared home, Planet Earth and all those who inhabit it.

A Call for Partnership in Collective Action

We invite organisations all over the world to join us in this history-making moment as co-convenors for World UNITY Week. Every day more organisations are joining this Caravan of Unity, and we would love to add your platform and your solutions to the growing list below.

Becoming a co-convenor for World UNITY Week means also co-convening for Peace Weekend 2020 (September 19-21). This offers opportunities for interactive programming, content and engagement and aligns our organisation, brands, platforms and teams for the road ahead.